Hohm Warranty

Limited Warranty Agreements


All warranty claims should be handled with Hohm Tech directly, and not your vape dealer. Hohm Tech Corporation assumes responsibility for their products and will repair or replace any defective product at their sole discretion.


Warranty length varies for each Hohm Tech product, and is shown on the warranty card included with each product. Regardless of purchase date, Hohm Tech still offers to have products serviced. No matter the situation or cause of why service may need to be provided, it is 100% required that age verification is completed as outlined in detail under “IMPORTANT NOTICE” & on “Warranty Form”)

***In the event your device is out of warranty and/or is a non-defect related issue, Hohm Tech may require additional expenses at Hohm Tech’s discretion.


Hohm Tech provides a non-transferable warranty to the original purchaser of a Hohm Tech product purchased from an authorized Hohm Tech reseller and/or licensed vendor. This repair agreement does not cover any accessories used on or in conjunction with the product itself. Furthermore, the repair agreement does not cover misuse; improper care, including but not limited to: water damage, liquid damage, damage caused by impact, unauthorized modification, or customization of original product. Stripped threads and damage to the finish of product is not covered in the Warranty Agreement.


In compliance with U.S. legislation & regulation guidelines taking precaution of legal age, a fee must be paid to validate legal age & right of ownership as well as return shipping. Print out the payment receipt that is created after payment has been made. **Use the appropriate payment button(s) below. Hohm Tech and the Warranty Center take no responsibility for damaged and/or lost packages.

Warranty claims will be refused if any of the required paperwork is not provided with product. No exceptions. **In the event the owner has misplaced or is missing receipt, Hohm Tech offers a “receipt bypass” option that will allow device to be warrantied without original receipt. To use this “receipt bypass” option, make one payment for “Age Verification + Return Shipping” & another for “Receipt Bypass”. If you have original receipt and your device is under warranty, only pay “Age Verification + Return Shipping”


1) Ship product to address that is listed on Warranty Form.

2) Include Warranty Form (click HERE to printout)

3) Include printout of Age Verification & Return Shipping payment (button below)

4) Include original purchase receipt (if missing receipt, or if item is out of warranty, a “Receipt Bypass” is available below

Hohm Tech Warranty Center does not provide warranty assessment over phone.

You must follow what is outlined here within the Warranty Agreement for Hohm Tech product warranty.


(U.S. legislation & regulation guideline to verify legal age, address, & shipping)

Age Verification & Return Shipping $8.

Receipt Bypass Option $8.

International residents & addresses $15.


International residents & addresses(with insurance) $31.