HΩ Wrecker G2 (Hohm Wrecker) 171W Temperature Control Box Mod

0.007Ω | 10-171W | 200°-700°F | Engineered in America | Mastered in California Show details
HΩ Wrecker G2 (Hohm Wrecker) 171W Temperature Control Box Mod

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Name HΩ Wrecker G2 (Hohm Wrecker) 171W Temperature Control Box Mod
Brand Hohmtech
Product Type VV VW Mods
Screen Size 0.91 -inch
Material Aluminum +Alloy
Connection Threading 510
Telescoping Mod NO
Variable Voltage NO
Variable Wattage Yes
Electronic Components
Resistance 0.007 Ohm-3 Ohm
Operating Wattage 10.0-151 W
Power & Batteries
Battery Chemistry Li-Mn (High Drain)
Maximum Supported Battery Length 65mm
Batteries Included NO
Battery Form Factor 18650
Battery Type Interchangeable
Required Battery Count 2
Supports Button Top Battery Yes
Supports Flat Top Battery Yes
Package Type Retail
Package Contents 1 x HΩ Wrecker G2 171W Mod
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
Height 2.28 in
Length 4.13 in
Width 0.94 in
Product Weight 8.76 oz


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Download MANUAL G2


  •  With FSK Gen II (G2) chip technology, needs only (2) 20A+ 18650 batteries
  •  Size: 4.13 x 2.28 x 0.94 in. (105 x 58 x 24 mm)
  •  Thread Style: 510 connection with full-face push pin with high-tensile strength spring
  •  Wattage Output: 10W – 171W (also in TC) *may require latest update to unlock the 171W feature*
  •  Voltage Output: FSK Intellichips automation
  •  Temperature Range: 200 oF – 700 oF (93 oC – 372 oC)
  •  Ohm Resistance Range: 0.007Ω - 3Ω
  •  Temp/Watt Increments:  .1-1 watts (WATTS MODE) : 10 oF (TEMP MODE) : 1 oC (TEMP MODE)
  •  Coil/Wire Types: Ni, SS, Ti, NiCr, K, W (Tungsten & ceramic infused) & all permutations


  • Full CNC casing made of aluminum mixed with high-strength alloy element T2024-T3 (ready for the 10th floor drop)
  • Electrostatic Tempered Aluminum Buttons(eliminates: button flex, scratches, and enhances overall attention to detail)
  • POM/PVC composite at all power to metal contact points (stronger than raw aluminum)
  • Coated neodymium iron boron magnets (prevents magnetic loss, corrosion, oxidation)



  • Integrated proprietary Intellichips that execute a multitude of tasks

 +  Supports variable output banding on wattage & voltage adjustments so chip does not fluctuate in wide variations

*Result: increased battery life, coil builds, and reduces battery stress

*Result: diminishes power spiking & demand on batteries, allow 20+A batteries to be safe

+  Runs a self-diagnostic & component initialization during power up

*Result: verifies it is ready for safe operation

+  Executes patent pending TruDegreeTM technology (while using Ni, Ti, or SS coil/wire)

*Result: displays real-world coil temperatures

  • Double poled circuitry like a multi meter

+  Enables precise ohm metering

  • Battery contact footprint 25% larger than traditional 150W+ devices average

+   Candidates of measure: Fuchai 200W, Snow Wolf 200W, IPV3-Li 165W, Sigelei 150W TC, Tesla Metal 160W, Wismec 200W TC

+  Eliminates battery contact stress, battery power spiking, & heat

  • Insane Temps feature in Temp Mode

+  Initiates 151W momentarily then switches over to selected watt to establish near instant temp

  • Sunk tripoint nickel-plated neodymium iron boron magnets

+   Prevent corrosion & oxidation to magnets

  • Top to bottom, inside & out, 100% engineered, designed, & mastered in America, by Americans

  • System menu & instruction manual written by English vapers, in English

  • Aesthetic design exclusive to represent the unity of all vapers

  • Concave FIRE button for finger ergonomics

  • 0.007Ω - 3Ω MSS (Multistage Stepping System) to the full & true 171W RMS

  • Full-face push pin with high-tension spring

 + ensures safe & pure contact for the energy flow

*Result: eliminates another energy stress point

  •  FSK chip IC & Intellichips built to handle 260W                                 

+  171W because Hohm Tech is not in a watts war, they're pioneering on efficiency, accuracy, & consistency


*Result: ready to be a lifetime companion


  • 64KB Onboard ROM to handle all computations of the proprietary algorithms and Intellichip assessments




  • WORLD RECORD SET & HELD: Mr. Bond of Box Mods, (sitting pretty at 0.007 ohm in TC & Watts Mode)

  • 98.8% Efficiency Rate (getting the MOST out of batteries)

  • Psycoil: FSK Chip READS RDA & Tank’s Palm(measures gauge wire via time, ohm, & power flow…Result: engineered accuracy of independent volts vs. watts adjustments)

  • Ohm Symbol Integration in CNC Design (symbolic)

  • Stealth Update Port (why do others put it outside)

  • 64Kb onboard ROM (runs an OS-Hybrid platform)

  • Measures Kanthal / Nichrome & ALL Metal Temps (RDA, tanks, & any atty’s temperatures can be measured & limited)

  • Dedicated Menus for Ni, Ti, SS, & XXX (XXX is ANY metal)

  • Full FSK Automation & Manual Manipulation Menus

  • Multistage Stepping System (this enables users 32-37% more hits than non-MSS devices – Automation Mode)

  • Advanced Insanity Menu System (AIM allows quick access to insanely advanced parameters and settings)

Download Brochure

Download MANUAL G2

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It ain't no joke
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Recommend to Friend
by Ro-sham-bo (Posted on 10/15/17)
I'll just keep it short but sweet this is probably one of the best if not the best mods I have ever purchased price to Performance ratio is unparalleled. The temperature control like it says works on any metal no burnt cotton. So get one that's all I got to say peace.
excellent -evolv take a back seat
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Recommend to Friend
by boxer (Posted on 12/6/16)
Definately the best mod out there.This is a beast of a mod its built like a brick shithouse,i have dna mods ,in my opinion this beats them hands down
The best mod I've ever used
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Recommend to Friend
by GdBiker Grateful Vaper (Posted on 10/9/16)
I have about 18 regulated mods and 9 mech mods and now they are all gathering dust on the shelf , The Wrecker is without a doubt the best device I have ever used . the technology behind the chip is without compare ALL other chips including the yihi and evolve chips take a backseat to this baby ,it does accurate TC with ANY wire yes any wire , I tested this with kanthal and it works like a charm . This is a beast of a mod its built like a brick shithouse and it hits like Mike Tyson , just beware when you get one of these all your other mods will become nice shelf decorations.
Im in love!
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Recommend to Friend
by Parrin (Posted on 7/12/16)
I bought two hohm wrecker g2 mods back in January and let me tell you, we love them. Hohmtech updates this device often and the kanthal temp control is awesome. Vaporcube had me very fast shipping and great customer service. I would recommend this device to any advance vaper who like to tinker and who wanna try out kanthal temp control!
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Recommend to Friend
by Hot Rod (Posted on 3/19/16)
works, simply works. and works well. Hohm Tech cracked the code, we can now temp control ANY wire. thank you Hohm Tech for this beautiful mod,. you guys are truly an innovation in the "vape World"
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Recommend to Friend
by Chris Baldauf (Posted on 3/18/16)
I bought this device in the hope that it did temp control for kanthal, and surprisingly it works great. I was surprised with how well it worked and the flavor that I get off of it is amazing. Great Product
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Recommend to Friend
by fish (Posted on 3/17/16)
Had to figure out how to use this thing but when i did it is grate this mod will replace my dna 200 mod temps Kanthal grate twisted messes rda cant bet it
Works perfectly and tough
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Recommend to Friend
by Nelson (Posted on 3/11/16)
Excellent quality mod if you are patient and willing to do adjustments to your application,Highly recommended for the ones who want technology and durability thanx vapercube!!!
It really does work
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Recommend to Friend
by Sam Patrick (Posted on 2/8/16)
thank you for this innovation. Thank you for not being BS. After 4 different tanks, 2 RDA builds (which by the way did require adjusting in the chip temp setting menu), I can 100% confirm this is doing kanthal (they call it K on the chip) and it works nearly as flawless as any mod would do nickel. How it works is way over my head, but it works. Thank you vaporcube

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